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Discover ease, calm, focus & freedom 

1:1 'Calm & Clarity' Anxiety Relief Coaching for people fed-up of anxiety controlling their life

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This is your time to stop trying to manage your anxiety with a free app and have personalised support using natural time-tested Ayurveda remedies

You're in the right place if...

You have some understanding of Ayurveda and/or the nervous system...but you struggle to create a personalised routine and lifestyle that really manages the root cause of YOUR anxiety  

You're motivated but overwhelmed about the steps you need to take to gain more control


You are sooo tired of the overthinking and uncomfortable symptoms... you crave more clarity and calm

You want to be seen and heard...and have non-judgemental guidance and support to feel focused and empowered to get anxiety under control

You desire a personalised holistic mind, body, spirit approach...instead of random 'tools' and general guidance

You want to live life to the fullest...but anxiety is holding you back 

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You know you can no longer live like this and want to drastically elevate the way you function and live... but you're waiting for the 'right time'

The #1 secret to creating a life of calm, focus and freedom? There is no “right time.”
There’s only now.


1:1 Calm & Clarity Coaching

This private 3-month coaching container to take back control of anxiety includes: 


  • A 90 minute in-depth Ayurveda consultation to begin to get to know you and your anxiety challenges and your goals

  • 12 Weekly 60 minute 1:1 Zoom or audio calls to feel seen and understood, keep you accountable, answer questions and remove any mindset blocks as we go


  • On-going guidance and practical techniques to keep on track towards your goals that truly helps you achieve more focus, calm and freedom


  • Regular messaging or email support to aid implementation, so you’re never left to guess or ‘figure things out for yourself’


  • Bespoke plan built together to to resolve daily anxiety and feel empowered to take back control if it starts creeping back up

1:1 Coaching will help you if...

+You want to utilise a range of personalised natural Ayurveda solutions such as breath practices, yoga/movement, nutrition, guided massage, herbs and mindset and lifestyle changes to discover the life you feel more aligned and comfortable living

+You crave guidance and structure to help you create regular routines that support you and move you towards improved mental wellbeing (rather than further away) so you feel free to live life to the fullest

+You want to develop awareness of where in your life anxiety is holding you back and take steps to take back control and move forwards

+You are ready to stop people pleasing and to take responsibility for your own health 



£2500 for 3 months

*Payment plans are available

What makes this different from everything you've tried before?

I'm all about...

Listening & creating realistic changes that manage YOUR anxiety

I'm not about...

One size fits all remedies or pushy and punishing methods

I believe that...

You need to feel empowered to manage anxiety long term

My Ayurveda journey with Sam has been such a revelation. Sam has continually worked with me to develop and craft a plan that really suits me. An exercise/yoga plan, foods that suit my constitution and daily practices that are really so soothing and calming. I'm feeling more settled within myself, and feel more steady when life throws a curve ball! Sam's ability to listen and find solutions has been such a support.

Kate, Yoga Teacher

Hi, I'm Sam

As an empathetic and non-judgemental anxiety relief coach, I help people suffering from anxiety develop an Ayurveda routine so they can manage the root of their symptoms, avoid overthinking and feel free to enjoy the things they love.

How can you trust I’ll be able to help you build a take back control of anxiety? Because I’ve done it myself!

Having had generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), I have experienced anxiety in almost any situation - it was exhausting and I feared being unable to cope everyday!

After realising I'd had chronic anxiety for over 15 years I felt helpless and stuck. I finally learned holistic Ayurveda approaches and nervous system science to feel relief, calm and free and totally transform my way of living! I’m an example of all the possibilities that are in reach for anxiety sufferers just like you.

It’s not just about managing your distressing symptoms—it’s about the long-term, life-changing results for you AND the ripple effect around you.

Are you ready to create the life of calm, focus and freedom you dream of?

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Working with a health coach was quite daunting and ‘the unknown’ for me before I met Sam. However, we sat down and I felt comfortable to open up without any embarrassment or judgement. She listened. Sam is warm and supportive, but also professional. 


Since I started the recommended treatment I’ve found that my mind feels calmer and clearer, my digestive comfort is much improved and also I haven’t had any thrush symptoms since. I’ve built in routines to manage these symptoms following Sam’s recommendations. 


I felt the on-going support was open and practical, and one which I was actively involved with: rather than when you visit a doctor or nurse and just get dictated to, rushed and not listened to.


Understanding Ayurveda and how all the different parts of our bodies link together really helped me to better understand my own body and mind and know how to look after myself.


I’d recommend Sam’s services if you don’t seem to be able to get relief through self medication or self care and are looking for a way forward with your anxiety. 

Laura - Teacher

Ready to gain the calm, focus and freedom so you can enjoy the life you dream of?

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